Monday, December 6, 2010

Gnome under a mushroom

I finished this one last night. Clarissa (my sweet 15 yr old) thinks that it looked too Christmasy because of the Swedish type wool sweater that I used, but that is not Santa under there. He's supposed to be a gnome.;-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ornaments and Owls and China

I made these ornaments by request for someones tree. I hope they like them.
Also, just finished an owl pillow by request for a wonderful friend of mine. Next on the agenda will be fun mushroom pillows and stuffed owls for my nieces and nephews for Christmas!

My sister and her husband are in China right now getting ready to meet their beautiful daughter. I am so happy and excited for them that I keep crying at the drop of a hat. It's making me crazy that I'm unable to have a phone conversation with her. And she has always thought I was the more patient one. I think after all she is the one who will truly know patience. I love you, Anna.

Okay! Here's the pics....and the one with the single bird is my favorite.<3