Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Owls

I so wish that I got a picture of our crazy, huge, Griswald Christmas tree that we had this yr. It was hilarious! I think that it was country and kind of  beautiful though. We totally did a Griswald this year and went out to the woods and cut down a massive cedar tree. Of course, we do this every year, but NORMALLY at an actual cedar Christmas tree farm.  This year we went seriously old school and went to the for real woods. Clarissa decided to call it a Christmas bush. The other kids followed suit. It really did kind of look like a huge 10 ft Christmas bush shoved in a corner to hide it's almost naked backside.;-)  We had much fun singing "Oh, Christmas Bush, Oh Christmas Bush..."

I wanted to share a few of the things that I made for some people for Christmas. For my nieces I made some recycled cashmere owls that I stuffed with organic cotton. Zoe and Hazel requested pink and blue. The owl pillow with the crazy mushroom pillow was requested by my oldest daughter Madeline. He's pretty crazy but cute, I think. I also gave some other owls away to other nieces that I had already made and I made a pillow for my mom. Hers was one of my circle pillows with warm cranberry as the base with other warm fallish colors. Forgot to get a picture of it, but she was happy with it.:-)