Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Welcome

Well,  I wasn't sure what would happen with the whole concept of the beautiful season of Fall once we relocated to South Florida. I am happy to say that I can feel it in the air. YAY!  I hung up my banner and am happy for it's arrival. I've been drying and putting up my herbs from my herb bed and baking lots of cinnamony things and pumpkin breads along with burning candles that smell like I'm baking cinnamony things and pumpkin breads. I can sense that before long I will be enjoying my yearly viewing of Little Women.


  1. I bet your herbs smell wonderful as well!!
    Happy Autumn!!

  2. Looking very fall. I love your banner. It is hard to think about South Florida and golden leaves.. pictures of bikinis keep getting in my way! ha.

    The best way to bring in autumn is by baking... I bet your home smells marvelous!!!! Your house looks so cozy♥

  3. Very sweet! I can't imagine this time of year without New York snow... But I would love to vacation to Florida! Sometimes it is good to get away from the cold :)

    Love the craft too!


  4. This has made me want to make some cinnamon toast and coffee. I love the banner and all the owls on your blog ( found you via Lisa at Zibagz when your banner caught my eye) Happy Autumn from Northern England!