Thursday, May 5, 2011

plant a tree

                             This "tree" was a bit bonsaish for me, but it worked.

For the past couple of yrs I have kept an inspirational "tree" in my house. Well, it's not really a tree. It's actually cool branches that I find, put in a decorative container, and hang with sachet ornaments that I make.  I think that every home should have some sort of fun or silly thing in the decor.

I did have a little trouble finding branches just like I wanted in our new city. Where we used to live there were lots of woods with trails and it was easy for me to find cool branches and other things such as abandoned bird nests, etc...Our new neighborhood in South Florida is a little more limited so I'll have to be more creative and I will try not to "borrow" anything from the neighbors yards.;)

If you are wondering what are in the sachets... I usually do one of two things. I either fill them with dried herbs from my garden, especially rosemary. Rosemary is so great and has such a wonderful strong scent. I also usually add a complimentary natural oil of some kind to the herbs.  The other thing that I do is use organic buckwheat hulls (I have an abundance of these) and I scent them with natural oils. I like cinnamony stuff, vanilla,  and orange oils.

                         Here are some pictures of some that I made in the past....

One time I had a tree filled with different owls that were all sewn with earthy tones. I placed this "tree" in an old clay pot that had peely green paint on it.  I used green moss on the top of the pot around the "tree" trunk, which was very nice and covered up the green foamy stuff that florists use.

                        This next one was my favorite and I wish that I still had it. :(
   You could make an awesome "tree" that is totally filled with peace signs, symbols, doves and call it a PEACE tree.

Another idea would be to make a FAMILY TREE. Make a special ornament for each member of your family.  The ideas are endless....

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  1. I love your Inspirational Tree. What a great idea.