Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unfinished Projects.....

I've been wanting to make a gypsy/something that looks like it came from the Weasley's tent type curtain for awhile now. I finally decided last week to get started on it and I am determined to make sure I finish this one! Unlike some of my unfinished projects from the past.;)

I'm using a large canvas painters cloth, my felted wool scraps, and cotton embroidery floss. I cut the canvas cloth in half to save to use for lining the back. Have to have something to cover up the back of my stitching. Not to mention that every southern girl is taught by their mothers that you simply must have a backing to your curtains. Heaven forbid.

Here's a picture of some of what I have so far. I hope it looks kind of boho crazy gyspy carnavalish meets the Borrowers and the Weasleys....because that IS what I'm going for.

  It will hang with the strips going diagonally when it's finished.  I'm determined not to leave it unfinished like my old fashioned hooked wool rug that I started like three years ago...Here's a pic of how far I got on that project.

I made up the pattern myself, and hand dyed and felted all of the wool. I will finish this project too...eventually.  Dangit!


  1. that picture of madeline is so pretty - she is gorgeous (just like her mama)!

  2. I love it!!...But who are the Weasley's? I shall google. J

  3. Thanks, Lora.:)
    Jeannie, they are the poor, yet happy with many children family from the Harry Potter books.;)

  4. Babe, when you DO finish that hooked rug I am buying for a fortune, cuz I need one!

  5. If and when I finish that rug, I ain't sellin' it.;) Sorry, Sister.<3

  6. LOL.....I channel the Weasleys AND the borrowers a lot as well......love to hear that someone else does too!!