Sunday, August 14, 2011

The cozy, warm colors of fall...

I've always loved the colors of fall. I love them all year long and don't need September to tell me it's time to bring out the fall colors.  Most of my wardrobe is filled with fall, orange, and lots of brown. I love brown and think it's seriously under appreciated.

I love how they are such nature inspired colors.

Just surrounding  myself with these colors makes me feel warm, cozy, and at home. They are comforting colors.
I mean, don't you just want to go inside and have a cup of hot cocoa?

                                            I adore this room.

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it's fabulous.

I can never get enough of beautiful antique books. They add such warmth to any room. I can't imagine a life without them.

Now here's some Etsy finds that will help make your home into a beautiful fall cottage...

                                I just love this vintage granny square afghan

These fall fabric ornaments will add some fun whimsy to any home. I think every home needs some whimsy. It's my rule anyway.;)

This salvaged wood cutting board is so pretty. This shop has many beautiful salvaged wood pieces that will add warmth to your kitchen and salvage beautiful wood at the same time.

                            Love this vintage cane chair. It's pretty great really.

I can never get enough  of old silver (or any metal pieces) with fabulous patinas.This vintage gravy boat is simply gorgeous. Everything in this shop is pretty fabulous, I must say.

Isn't this beautiful? This girl from Australia makes the coolest wooden boxes! I'm really amazed by them.

Well, I now live in South Florida and I haven't been through a fall season here yet.  Regardless of what it will be like, I will surround myself with the warm cozy colors of fall all year long.


  1. Emily! Thanks so much for featuring my cane chair! I'm honored:) Hope you have a wonderful fall season despite the Florida heat!
    Rachel @

  2. Emily....thank you so much for including my fabric ornaments in your beautifully curated collection of autumn inspirations! I am thrilled!

    Living in S. California, I too have create my own fall season....not too bad, really. Warm and cozy can be achieved anywhere and you obviously have a lovely talent for it!!

    Best wishes ~ Julie

  3. Did Mom have some of those mixing bowls at some time? Also, I do want to go sit in that house. Actually, I would love that to be my house! :)

  4. I am so with you... I love those colors too! I could actually live somewhere that was fall all year long ... warm golden day ~ cool evenings.

    Reds, russets, goldenrod, olives and browns.... mmmmmmm cozy is right! ... and lots of pottery!

    ~:o) excellent taste!

  5. wow... what stunning colors and goodies you have found. I'm simply honored to have my Pyrex bowls among such stunning artwork. Thank you!
    Love and light

  6. I too am a huge fan of "fall" colors...and of fall! Lovely choices! Thanks so much for including my afghan :)