Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grandaddy's metal cabinet from his workshop...

This metal cabinet belonged to my Grandaddy.  He had it filled with all kinds of metal gadgets. He was a tinkering kinda of man who could build or fix anything. I asked him before he passed away if I could have this one day so that I could fill it with all of my crafting and tinkering stuff too. When I went home to Georgia last month my Grandmother helped me clean it out. I'm still not quite done with it, but it's looking pretty awesome, I think.

I am so happy to have it and am so blessed of all of the wonderful memories that I have of my wonderful Grandfather.


  1. That really is a beautiful looking cabinet! Thank you for sharing.

    I would love it if you would like to stop by my two blogs for a visit.

  2. That really looks good sister! I love that you put their pictures on top of it. :)

  3. Love the cabinet! Having memories attached to it make it even more special.