Monday, June 27, 2011

Backyard Collard Greens...

When we were in Georgia last week, my Mymommy's  (which is what I call my Grandmother) next door neighbor gave me some collard greens from his backyard garden. They were beautiful. We ate them last night. :) So happy that our children (all but Madeline, that is) loves greens. Any kind, collards, kale, mustard, turnips....

We also had a delicious squash casserole, baked sweet potatoes, and grit cakes. Wish the picture would have turned out better.

Tonight we are having enchiladas stuffed with grilled sweet red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach and avocados.

Well...I've got so much to do today to catch up from being out of town... I need to get to it!

Have a beautiful Monday and a wonderful week!!!


  1. Looks good! Wish I could have eaten with you.

  2. Yummy yummy!!! How do you make your grit cakes?

  3. When we have grits for breakfast, I take the leftovers and spread them on a buttered or olive oiled cookie sheet and put it in the fridge. Once it hardens, you just slice it, lightly dredge in corn flour and brown it in olive oil in a skillet. Bob likes to grill fish, make a burnt butter sauce and pile it on the grit cake along with sauteed spinach. We stole that from the Red Bar in Grayton Beach. ;) It's one of our favorites!

  4. yum...I'm a green girl and sweet potatoes...are
    the perfect food. Okay...I'm hungry.