Monday, June 13, 2011

Madeline & Daniel

Thought I would share a couple of things that I made for my oldest daughter Madeline. She and her first love Daniel snuck off and got married a few months ago. We love Daniel, always have and are happy and excited for them. They are living outside of Charleston where Daniel is in this science school with the Navy. He's really smart and actually enjoys physics. This I will never understand.:)
Madeline is enjoying their new life together and making their first of many homes a home. I love her so much and am so thankful to have such a beautiful, sweet, smart, wonderful, and above all... happy daughter.

The first piece is a junk art, assemblage piece. It has maps from all over the world decoupaged in the background, symbolizing their future military travels together. Their home will be all over and yet really within one another...

The next one is an abstract painting. I love to paint. It's only something that I play at, but I love to mix and play with the colors. Madeline wanted an abstract and this is what I made for them.

Blessings on my Madeline and her Daniel. I love you both and am excited for y'all and your new journey and life together.


  1. First of all...this I did not know. Sounds like they are very happy!
    Secondly, I love both pieces. The colors in the painting are so so fun...would match my kitchen, actually. So if she doesn't like it.....;)


  2. They are! As unconventional as we raised her, it should be no surprise.:)And yet at the same time, when she called us beforehand (thankfully) to tell us, we were surprised to say the least. In the fall when he has a break from school we are going to have a party for them.