Sunday, July 31, 2011

A girl's gotta dream...

Wishing I could have this cottage in the woods.....This is actually a fine art photograph print called Fairytale Ending. The name is perfect, huh?   I could totally imagine fixing this adorable place up and living in it happily ever after...
Photo from Kimberly Deslandes  The Fading Daisy

I think I would string these mason jar lights across the front ....

And I think I would welcome everyone at the front door with this charming hand hooked wool rug.
Jeanette Sherman  Nettie's Designs

Well, like my almost 14 yr old daughter Elizabeth told me recently when she had hoped for a chance to meet Justin Bieber at a Selena Gomez concert 
(that Twitter said he would be at)......
" A girl's gotta dream." :)



  1. Thank you for featuring my "fairytale" cottage. Finding this little place was like a dream! I would love to see this placed lived in and loved again. :)

  2. Wonderful dreams....dream on:):)

  3. The mason jar lights are adorable!

  4. Yes...a girl has definitely got to dream.:) Lovely post.