Monday, September 5, 2011

Fantastical Finds

The last two weeks have been crazy at my house. The kids started back to school... I started a new job.. and we haven't had any internet service in the last few days. The last thing really matters not since I haven't had any spare time to go online anyway. I haven't even had much time for creating any new pieces...(sad face). One positive thing is I have been faithful to my yoga practice each morning which really makes such a difference. Sitting here with my husband mooching internet from Starbucks and I thought I'd share a few more fall colored Etsy finds...

                                This handmade pottery bowl is gorgeous!

Isn't this vintage handkerchief pillow pretty?!

Check out these cute little hand painted door knobs.

These wool dryer balls help speed of drying your laundry, but frankly, I just love the look of them.

 Check out this lampshade! Pretty, huh?!

This burlap wreath is just adorable.

I love the colors in this quilted potholder. It is so cute!
Well, those are the fantastical seven that I'll share today. I hope that some of you will check them out and maybe find some new favorite Etsy shops in the process. Thanks to all of the you out there that support handmade products!  

Have a beautiful Labor Day and and even more beautiful week.


  1. Great picks!! Thanks for including my wool dryer balls from etsy!