Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life update and new things in my shop...

I have recently listed a few more things in my shop. The Boo Banner I made last fall and the mushroom pillows, owl, and hearts I made recently. As always, they are all made from upcycled natural wools that I completely hand stitch and fill with only organic homegrown natural materials. Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.<3

 I like to call him Scotty the Plaid Owl. He's got a pocket on his back that is perfect for hiding a tooth or other small treasures.
This Patchwork Heart is filled with natural clove oil scented organic buckwheat hulls. The back is a soft recycled felted aqua blue cashmere. It's super soft.

 This Patchwork Heart is also filled with organic buckwheat hulls that I scented with clove oil. The backing of this one is a soft black lambs wool.
                  This Mushroom Pillow is also super soft and filled with organic cotton.

Lastly, there's this little one. The backing is a from a soft upcycled plaid skirt. It's pretty cute...At least, I think so anyway.

Thanks for letting me share some of my new creations with y'all. I really do have so much fun making them. I always feel like I'm tapped in to God's creative power in someway when I make things. As He lives inside of me, I'm doing what I was also created to do. Create. I receive such fulfillment out of it.

Tomorrow I am starting my new job, which I got through cool, crazy circumstances. I'll explain more later. I'm nervous and excited. I believe once I get into the flow of things and get my groove on I'll have more time and be back to my creating. I can hardly wait.

Peace and Love,


  1. well you know I am lovin' on that owl!!!

  2. i totally understand what you mean about connecting with God while you create. isn't that an amazing feeling?!

  3. I really love that last mushroom pillow and the girls loved the other mushroom pillow. Hazel said, "Why is she always making things?" Zoe said, "It's just her gift and she has to do it!" :)

  4. Wow! These are almost too cute. Thanks for sharing!