Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life, tea, and transferware....

I ran across a photograph of this house in England that I thought looked so happily situated. For those of you who know me well, you know how much I love nestled houses. Perhaps one day when we are no longer gypsies, I shall have one of my own.
I am a complete lover and hoarder of transferware. This one is a beauty. I started out my love affair at a very young age with Blue Willow. I think that would be in the transferware world too. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. I then began to collect various blue and white pieces and would mix and match. A couple of years ago my sweet mother n law (whom I love dearly) gave me her beautiful pink and white transferware. It has a castle on it. I had always admired it and was so excited! Then as if I didn't have enough dishes, I started on my brown and white transferware. I love mixing them up. Here's a few more goodies I ran across on Etsy...
 Love this one !

Love this one too!
                                                          Love the peacock!
 Sorry my posting has been so few and far between lately. Trying to get into the groove with my new job and what little time I have at home I'm cleaning, baking, running children places, or sewing...However, now it's time for some chamomile tea and I think maybe I'll watch The Breakfast Club or Say Anything before the getting the children. Guess the kitchen floors will have to wait.;)


  1. HI Emily,

    Thank you for sharing some of my pictures here on your blog. I blog about English transfer ware and so thought you'd want to know that blue willow is indeed part of the transfer ware family. And, just fyi...the peacock piece you show, which is so pretty, is a new piece.
    Tea and transfer ware go sooooo well together!

    Lovely post!

    Nancy's Daily Dish

  2. Ok, the plate the has the woman with the baby on her hip-that bowl I just bought from the antique shop has those same scenes on it. And I love it! Also, that peacock one is really, really pretty!

  3. My mil has a whole set of transfer ware pretty.

  4. I love transferware as well...........
    and new or the peacock !!

  5. absolutely L♥Ve the peacock tea cup.. and brown transferware... my new fave... I just gave my best friend all my red.. time for a change ~:o)

  6. Beautiful pieces, elegant and luxurious!

  7. What is the name/maker of the peacock cup? Love it. I was also trying to find your etsy shop. Love your owl pillow!