Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Boho Chic Weasley Burrow...:)

     OK, so my family and I are all complete Harry Potter dorks. Most of us have all read the books several times. We are all sad, yet excited to see the release of the last movie (which we will see tonight or tomorrow).;)  The books and the movies will continue on and on I know,  for many new young and old readers to fall in love with.
     Me, having a passion for decorating my home with flea market and recycled finds has totally loved watching what the set designers did with the Weasley home, which in the book is fondly called the Burrow. The Weasley family had a lot of kids (more than my mere 4) and were always on a tight budget.  Their home and clothing all had that boho, eclectic, gypsy, flea market, handmade feel to it...and I found a kindred spirit in a fictional character. Completely sounds dorky, but it is true.
                               Here's a few photos from their home in the movie...

      Like my own family, much of their time was spent as a family around the dinner table.

This next photo is a miniature that I believe someone did of Ron's room. You see, their are even bigger Harry Potter dorks than me out there.;)
I even found a link to Harry Potter inspired decorating ideas. Scroll down and you can read how to the Weasley look for your home..... Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Most of these set designs really look like your house and some of your different rooms in different homes over the years. :) Going to see it in a few hours. EEk!

  2. This is great, I'm soo excited to see it too!