Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tasha Tudor for me evoked the American Spirit.....

Tasha Tudor was my favorite childrens book illustrator. My favorite childrens book as a child was The Secret Garden, of which my copy was illustrated by her. The copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas that my father read to my brother, sister, and I each Christmas Eve was filled with her beautiful illustrations as well. I'll probably be mentioning her and sharing neat stuff about her illustrations, books, and her very cool life style from time to time and with Independence Day being upon us I thought  it would be fitting to share some pictures of her at her home along with a few of her illustrations. She passed away a few years ago and I'm sorry that I never had the privilege of knowing her, but for me, she seemed to totally evoke a beautiful American spirit.
            The illustration at the top is from this book of hers that I love so much.
                       Mary Lenox before she finds The Secret Garden...

          Here's some cool pictures of Tasha Tudor at her home in New England.....

If you aren't yet familiar with Tasha Tudor, I hope that she will one day inspire you in the way that she has inspired me.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. great post
    she is near and dear to me as well
    her natural state of the
    root of real living. What a beautiful
    soul...missed, but not forgotten
    happy 4th...........kelly

  2. What an interesting personality!..
    I would like to know more about her! Beautiful illustrations and fab garden of hers..! Is her house a museum now?

  3. Zara, she was a very neat independent and talented woman. I think that her family does have a museum for her somewhere in New England. It may very well be the home that she lived in. I need to look that up myself!:)